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Computer health

The next generation of Computer Support

Imagine a computer that helps to look after itself, with a basic free program that keeps track of important things like hard drive health, antivirus health and many other things, and advises you when something is going wrong – without compromising your privacy in any way.

Sound far-fetched? No, it isn’t!

With our ‘Proactive Care’ service, we install a small program that does exactly what it says above.

The point of the Proactive Care service is that many things can be sorted out before things get too serious. Normally, by the time you have to call a Technician, things have got to the point where it is so serious that there is no other option.

Now, if an alert happens, if the customer cannot rectify the issue there is a built-in contact form to let us know and we can help you sort it out, in many cases by remote support connection, which is cheaper for you than a Technician visiting.

Catch problems early? Our Basic package does exactly that, for both Homes as well as Small Businesses.

We also know that customers have different interest levels and skills when it comes to computers. When you factor in the needs of businesses, it becomes even more critical. That is why there are options which extend the help available to you. The options are: –

Proactive Care Managed Services packages

Monitoring package

Our Monitoring package has all the benefits of the Basic package – but much more too.

Instead of the customer having to contact someone if something is wrong, our Monitoring package warns us about the problem too – again, without compromising your privacy.

For example, we had a hard drive alert from a business which had its computers using the Monitoring package. Due to the type of alert we received, we contacted the business straight away and copied their files from the computer hard drive, as the hard drive was beginning to fail. As a result, they did not lose their important documents and accounts.

There is even more to the Monitoring package – this package also lets us know if Windows Updates is not working correctly and also checks that popular third party programs are updated (as they should be for security reasons) such as Adobe Reader and many others. Any problems and we get notified.

Plus, customers also get the benefit of 10% off any technical support needed – whether remote or onsite.

You are probably thinking that this sounds expensive. It isn’t! Just £4 per month per computer!

Protection package

We have seen customers with all kinds of virus protection – some, little or no protection at all. When it comes to antivirus it is a minefield – virus or malware or ransomware or whatever?

That is why we also provide the complete service – all the above services, plus an effective and award-winning antivirus/anti-malware/anti-ransomware product. We call it the Protection package.

This package also includes the cost of an effective antivirus product, for less than the Recommended Retail Price of the main antivirus programs, so you do not have to pay for a separate antivirus program. If your computer spots an infection (as well as all the above alerts), we will be notified and will be on hand to help you deal with it effectively – and before things get worse.

The cost of Proactive monitoring, Update management and an effective antivirus security product? Just £6 per month per computer!

We believe that the above packages are the next best thing to having your own I.T. department on hand, to make sure that your computer works as effectively as possible without costing too much.

The fact is, catching things before they become serious, is the better way.