File and Data Recovery

Hard drive

Your files are important  – whether they are documents, photographs, work or school projects, if they are lost it can cause a lot of difficulty.

There are many ways that they can be lost, either accidental, caused by a virus or some other reason.

Whatever it is that is gone, there may be a way to get some or all of those files back. We can provide a first level data recovery service for you.

Prices start from just £49

If you have a problem finding, accessing or opening your important files for whatever reason, get in touch with us and we can attempt to recover them for you, using our specialist data recoAccidentally deleted files - we can helpvery software.

Whether you have accidentally deleted files, have a failing hard drive or even a corrupted drive, we can scan your file system and if the files can be recovered, we can back them up onto CD, DVD or USB media for you – depending on the cause and extent of the problem.

The most important thing is what you do if you believe that if you have a hard drive problem – because your important files are at risk!

What to do if you have a hard drive problem

It is very important that you switch off your computer as soon as possible. Your files may be overwritten if you keep using it and if it is a failing hard drive, continued use can make things even worse.

If your hard drive is failing, we can make an ‘image’ of your drive (a special kind of copy) and recover files using that image, rather than risking the hard drive further.

Backing up – the smart way

File backups – If your files are at risk from a number of causes, would you like some peace of mind that your files are safe – some insurance against the worst happening in future?

There is software now available that can back up your data in different ways, from individual files to taking an ‘image’ of your whole hard drive. If you have a problem and your files are damaged or lost, the image can be used to replace your individual files or even the whole Windows computer installation.

You can even place the image onto a completely different computer – no more reinstalling Windows from scratch!

Cloud storage – there are products which will automatically store a copy of your important things on a secure server. This means that whatever happens to your computer, your files are safe. You can also do much more than simple storage – feel free to get in touch for more details.

If you need help with any of the above, give us a call on 01455 209505 or you can get in touch with us using our Contact Form.