Preparing for Windows 7 End of Support

Preparing for Windows 7 End of Support

From 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer support the popular Windows 7 operating system – this means that anyone still using Windows 7 needs to start considering what to do about this change.

So what? I can still use it, right?

From that date onwards, the Windows 7 operating system itself will become more vulnerable to being compromised, even if you are using a good antivirus system. The reason is that there will be no further Security updates, so any vulnerabilities found after that date will not be patched up and will therefore be free for hackers and other malicious sources to exploit.

If you continue to use your Windows 7 computer after that date, you run a much increased risk of your computer and your data being compromised.

Can I upgrade to Windows 10?

In many cases yes, although there are a few things you need to be aware of before spending your money: –

– Possible Cost of Buying Windows 10

As the free upgrade period offered by Microsoft has now ended, officially a new licence is required – Windows 10 Home version software licences cost in the region of £100 each, with the Professional version in the region of £140.

However, there is evidence that Microsoft is continuing to activate computers (that have upgraded to Windows 10 from a previously activated Windows installation) without needing a further licence. It may well be that Microsoft simply wants everyone to move to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

– Age of the computer you wish to Upgrade to Windows 10

These days, the average lifespan of a computer is in the region of 5 years – although many can last longer, that is the average. Our advice is to be very careful if your computer is getting close to this age as there is an increased risk that you may not get full value for the money you have spent upgrading to Windows 10.

In this case it may be prudent to buy a new system.

– Windows 10 Compatibility and the computer

Windows 10 gets a major release Upgrade twice a year with new features built in, so each upgrade is essentially the latest version of Windows 10. With software changing constantly, this means that over time, older hardware may not be as well supported by Windows 10 and we are already finding that some older computers are beginning to experience issues with it.

Newer Windows 10 features may require newer hardware, so you may find that older hardware does not support some features. So the rule of thumb is that the older the computer, the more careful you need to be.

What if I decide to upgrade to Windows 10?

We can run checks to make sure that your computer can be upgraded. If it can be upgraded, we copy your data to make sure that it’s safe prior to the upgrade, as upgrades can sometimes run into problems.

With the backup done, we can then either do an in-place upgrade (upgrade over the existing Windows 7) or alternatively, do a fresh installation – the equivalent of having a fresh computer (but on the existing system hardware).

What if I decide to buy a new computer?

We can supply a no-obligation quote if you decide to go for a new computer.

At CSH when we supply a new computer we always make sure that the specification is right for the customer – there’s no point in recommending the latest, greatest and fastest machine out there if you do not need or will ever use its full potential. (We can get that latest, greatest and fastest if you want it, but who wants to spend money on something you’ll never get full use of?!)

After the quote is accepted the new computer is ordered and we then copy your data from your old computer – such as Photos, Documents, etc. Provided that the old computer is working, we can copy your files and transfer them to the new computer so that everything is in the same place – including your desktop background and internet bookmarks.

The computer is then delivered to you and you can use it straight away.

The only thing that you need to be aware of is that programs cannot effectively be transferred from one computer to another, only your data, so if you want a program that you are already using it will need to be reinstalled on the new system.

Hopefully this will give you enough information to make a decision about next January. If you have any questions, would like us to help you upgrade your existing computer or purchase a replacement, give us a call on 01455 209505.