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Why Computer Repair Is Best Left to Experts

Professional Computer Repair is Better - here's why

When computers go wrong, people often turn to a friend or family member for help in the moment and we quite often hear customers say that they “know someone who knows about computers”. Think of it this way, though: driving a car doesn’t mean you can fix one. Having a lot of cars doesn’t show the owner knows what to do when one of those vehicles breaks down.

Computer repair is better left to experts.

Calling tech support (if that’s an option) can be time-consuming and frustrating, so people turn to the nearest teenager, cousin or friend with all the latest technological gadgets. But consider the investment you’ve made in your computer. Now, ask yourself: when was the last time I backed up? Please, say recently! If not, think about the value of the content you might lose if the computer is not handled with care.

When a computer expert sets out to investigate the problem, they do so with utmost caution. Before doing anything, they’ll know to at least ask if there is a backup of your data, so then, in identifying and solving the problem, they know what is safe to try. Importantly, they also know what actions to avoid.

The Price of Amateur Fixes

Your family/friend might turn to the internet for help. Sure, Google and YouTube will provide some answers, but context matters. Will your helpful friend know which answers are relevant to your situation or all the potential issues to consider? Trying different things can be dangerous if the approach isn’t suited to the problem.

Ask any computer repair expert. They’ll have stories to tell about computers “fixed” by well-meaning amateurs who made the problem worse. They may even have lost data along the way.

Why Professional repair is better

As with most jobs, computer experts draw upon specialized training and hands-on experience. They’re also up on the latest threats, technologies, and solutions. This helps them to diagnose the problem more quickly because they can go in and fix the problem right away, because they’ve seen it before or read about the problem.

Or perhaps they have colleagues who have done something like this before, or they’ve researched the technology to identify different options. Can your Aunt Sue or friend Frank say the same thing?

Someone doing you a favour?

Think of your typical answer when someone asks you for help. You’re human. You want to help, even if you don’t actually know that much about the problem. So, when you ask a family member, they’re likely to say, “sure.” Even when they should be saying, “I’m not sure how to fix that.”

When friends admit the repair is beyond them, you’ve already wasted time letting them take a crack at it. Worse, they may actually break your computer or lose important files. You have to go to the experts now for that new part or in the hope of retrieving the data. Meanwhile, you may be irritated towards the person who created the new problem.

Don’t jeopardize your relationships, and avoid doing more damage to your computer. Bypass the friend/family tech support solution and turn to the professionals first. Fixing a computer isn’t always simple. Get expert help to preserve as much data as you can, and avoid expensive replacements as long as possible.

Don’t trust just anyone with the health of your computer. Computer repair may look simple, but expert and experienced decision-making determines the best solution.

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