Virus Removal

Computer virus disinfection

Computer infections can come in many different forms, from the computer virus designed to cause harm, to legitimate software used maliciously, often called ‘malware’.

Most people will suffer from a computer virus or malware attack at some point, which is why we can offer a thorough and extensive Virus and Malware removal service for Home and Business customers.

Usually the first thing you notice is that your computer is working slower or just not working ‘right’. You can also suffer from ‘popups’ appearing, programs installing without your consent, seeing strange warnings, your normal search engine changing to something else – there are many symptoms.

Our disinfection service is thorough and uses multiple types of scanning technology, with state of the art software and disinfection tools – if it can be removed, it will be.

Backing up and recovering your files

If the problem is such that you have file corruption, before taking any further action such as A good antivirus program is vitalreinstalling Windows, we can help you try to recover as many of your important files as possible. We have specialist software which can recover files if they have not been overwritten or seriously corrupted, provided that the corruption is not too extensive or that the drive is still operable.

Antivirus security software

A good Internet security program is vital to protect your computer as well as protecting your important private information, such as credit/debit card details as well as your identity details. Also, it is important to make sure that it is working correctly and updated as new viruses (or variants of older viruses) are found all the time and there can be a number of automatic updates every day.

Many people use free antivirus software and there are some programs that are quite good. Generally speaking though, you do tend to get better protection from purchased software, especially when it comes to identity protection.

We supply all mainstream antivirus security software so we can help you with your choice of program – usually at below recommended retail price!

We are also partners with Kaspersky Labs, who produce antivirus and internet security software which has some of the highest detection rates in the industry.

Do remember, even if you have a security program, you must still be careful when using your computer – no security program can guarantee 100% protection.

If you have a PC or Laptop that you need help with, or you would like help with securing your PC or Laptop, give us a call on 01455 209505. Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form.